About Us

Who We Are

BioChem is a groundbreaking addition to the highly transitional chemical and pharmaceutical drug industry. We are a bunch of enthusiastic engineers, biologists, and ecommerce business experts working diligently towards a common goal of producing the finest quality botanic extracts, preservatives, and raw materials for medicine, hygiene, and personal care products and making them available across all the states. We take pride in the trust industry leaders place in us and continually strive to improve our core business operations and sourcing to keep BioChem one step ahead of the competition.

Quality Over Anything

BioChem is a one-stop-shop for high-quality, FDA-approved chemical supplies and raw materials required in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. We have been operating globally in 12+ countries for nearly two decades, We take pride in our strict quality control measures and an expert team of pharmacists, scientists, and product developers. With almost two decades of experience of sourcing in South Africa and Europe, BioChem is now expanding in North America. BioChem is ready to grow its business in herbal extracts and nutraceuticals, making it a one-stop solution for chemical supplies.
Our dedicated team of inventors and biologists redefines how wholesome health is reached by challenging conventional thinking through revolutionary R&D and a customer-centric approach.

Years of experience of sourcing in South Africa and Europe.


Industries served with a diverse range of industrial chemicals.


Client satisfaction guaranteed with award-winning customer support.


Trained people on board to ensure smooth flow of products.

Our Mission

We aim to be the most reliable, authentic, and strategic supplier of industrial chemicals in North America, helping our clients produce high-quality products.

Client Testimonials

Our raw materials are approved by the FDA and valued by our clients!

“We rely on BioChem for all raw materials needed to product sulfate-free shampoos. The delivery is always on time.” .

Jack Harrison

“BioChem provides details of product sources which is crucial for us!”

Nichole Michaelson

“You will get all your raw materials from one place!”

Monica Gray